NaVi left qualifications for MDL Chengdu Major

NaVi left qualifications for MDL Chengdu Major

The Dota 2 roster of Natus Vincere could not qualify for the first major of the DPC 2019/2020 season. “Born to Win” lost to Gambit Esports in the second match of the group stage.

Dota 2 was created on the engine of another hit – Half-Life 2. And at first it seemed that there was an exchange of sewed soap. Source is also not the most modern, and Valve designers were not able to draw models of heroes as stylishly as Blizzard. But once you start playing Dota 2, you immediately feel the enormous difference. Convenient keyboard layout, many useful interface options, computer intelligence adapted to the Dota gameplay — all this saves precious milliseconds and eliminates accidental misses.

It seems a trifle that you no longer need to remember console keys and an assortment of goods in a dozen stores. But a lot of such trifles just distinguishes a serious project from a makeshift mod. There was a built-in voice chat, minimal training for beginners, bots that you can practice on, and, of course, without an account, amendments were made to the abilities of the characters.


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