Gambit Esports unveils new Dota 2 roster

Gambit Esports unveils new Dota 2 roster

Esports organization Gambit Esports has announced a Dota 2 roster that will play at the GG Bet Hamburg Invitational. This became known from the official page Anitsy of the VKontakte club.

Such artifacts are an important component of the combat potential of both the hero and his team as a whole. In general, objects, skills and improvement branches remained unchanged compared to the DotA mod, except that some player skills work better, because freed from the “ancient” engine of warcraft.

For killing one unit of the enemy side (no matter creep or hero), all team members who are nearby get experience. The player who struck the last blow receives some money for the experience. However, no matter how experienced and skillful the hero is, the main thing is team interaction. In itself, even having a certain influence, he can do little.


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