EternaLEnVy got banned in Dota 2 for 6 months

EternaLEnVy got banned in Dota 2 for 6 months

Kerry of the North American team Fighting PandaS Jackie EternaLEnVy Mao got a ban in Dota 2 for six months right during the Twitch broadcast. The reason for the block was a large number of complaints about the player.

In addition to experience points, your character will receive gold, which you can buy artifacts in the shop. These artifacts increase the hero’s stats and give additional abilities, so you can not do without them. But you won’t be able to buy everything, because the volume of the backpack is limited to 6 items. There are several shops on the map. One store on the base, one store on the top and bottom lines, and two secret shops.

All actions take place at one location. In the lower left corner is the base of the forces of light, and in the upper right – the citadel of the forces of darkness. The bases are communicated in three passes: top (top), central (mid), lower (bottom). There are 2 towers on each line, and units (creeps) of the forces of Light and Darkness move along these lines. The opposing territories are divided by a river flowing exactly in the middle of the map.


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