Dota 2 Update 7.23d Released

Dota 2 Update 7.23d Released

Valve continues to manage Outlanders update balance.  Firstly, Dota 2, as an independent project, has acquired a stylish menu that offers quick access to the game itself, the store, news, as well as the creation of guides and broadcasts of professional matches. All the opportunities provided by the developers are organized very conveniently, which significantly reduces the entry threshold for beginners. For them, by the way, a special training campaign has been created where they can, without spoiling the nerves of old-timers, master the basic principles of the game for various heroes.

After that – welcome to the open spaces of team battles. At the moment, there are seven game modes, the differences in which relate exclusively to the starting part of the match – the choice of heroes. For those who want to just have fun and hone their skills in managing a certain character, the popular All Pick is suitable. For “doters” with professional ambitions, Captain’s Mode is preferable, in which the tactical depth of the game is revealed to a greater extent. One way or another, interest in what is happening increases in proportion to the number of people you know in the team, because only with them a high-quality “teamplay” is possible.


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