Dota 2 starts the New Year event

Dota 2 starts the New Year event

The developers launched Drost 2’s New Year’s Frostivus Event (“Cold Frost”), in which users can win various awards. A special series with gifts appeared in the game, for each successive players need to win in the usual – unrated .

Ultimately, the outcome of a match is always decided by the professional level of the player. If someone else is not familiar with the Dota concept, we outline it briefly. The commands of Light and Darkness are faced with the task of destroying the enemy base. Each of the parties includes five heroes, one of which is controlled by the player. In addition to them, “creeps” participate in the battle – weak “units” obeying a simple algorithm to follow a given route and kill oncoming enemies. For the destruction of heroes and creeps, players receive money and experience that they spend on the development of their character.

It is here that the full potential of DotA is concluded. There are more than a hundred heroes in the game. For a successful outcome of the match, it is not enough to choose a character that you liked visually. A proven hero in one battle can be completely useless in another. Everything from choosing a ward to a set of items to be purchased should imply a well-thought-out plan for the match. Any action requires a serious analysis of the situation that develops during the game. Each decision is situational, and success depends entirely on your ability to correctly calculate the opponent’s potential, see the main trump cards of his team “peak” and predict the course of battles. The longer you play, the more opportunities are revealed. Over time, you realize that Dota contains a simple but ingenious concept.


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