Dota 2 introduces The Treasure of Twilight Procession

Dota 2 introduces The Treasure of Twilight Procession

Last night, Valve released a new treasure chest called The Treasure of Twilight Procession, which is Halloween-themed. It included sets for Tidehunter, Shadow of the Demon, Slardar, Jakiro, Storm Spirit, Viper and Faceless Void, as well as a rare set .

Intelligence – determines the stock and speed of recovery of manna points. The main attribute also adds damage from a standard attack. If a trickster receives an artifact for dexterity, he will receive a bonus to damage and attack speed, as well as to armor, but collecting such an item, the strongman will receive only attack speed and armor, his damage increases due to strength. There are only 2 types of attack near and far, everything is simple and clear, there are heroes with a certain radius of attack, they can attack from a distance, melee can beat only by coming close. In general terms: you just need to install Steam and add DotA 2 to the list of installed games, because she is free.

This game is built on excellent balance, each hero is strong and especially in his own way and in a certain situation. There is no universal character, everyone has an adversary who will make him useless. Maybe that’s why many people like this game. At the time of writing, there are more than 42 million computers in the world of computers with a game client installed. Dota 2 remains one of the most popular computer games. Many championships, tournaments and other competitions are held on it, at which millions of dollars are played out per year. This amazing game has given work to many people and allowed it to enjoy even more fans.


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