Dota 2 fan suggested the concept of a new hero – he looks like a Venomancer

Dota 2 fan suggested the concept of a new hero – he looks like a Venomancer

The user reddit published the concept of a new character for Dota 2. He received the name Pestilence (from the English – pestilence) and skills reminiscent of the abilities of Venomancer. According to the author’s idea, the hero will become a support with a lot of magic damage in the area.

Initially, the name DotA (Defense of the Ancients) belonged to a whole genre of modifications (in other words, maps) for Starcraft and Warcraft 3. In 2005, you could easily play DotA with three teams or DotA with the ability to build buildings. There was no balance in these cards, usually the one who was more fortunate with the hero won. Not surprisingly, it is rare that a variation of DotA has been played in clubs more than once. For the first time, Steve Feak, nicknamed Guinsoo, was able to do something long-lived. His secret was simple – to take the best heroes from different versions of DotA and combine in one map. That is why Steve’s card is called DotA: AllStars.

For those who don’t know the DotA rules, it’s best to play with the computer once – everything is intuitive in general terms, but to understand the nuances, you need to study more than one guide. DotA – team tactical game with a camera as in strategies. However, you need to control it with only one unit – a hero. In the process, the hero repeatedly increases his fighting qualities, and the modest arsenal of skills and spells by RPG standards is compensated by a frantic pace, which requires a lightning fast reaction and perfect coordination of the team’s actions.


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