Dota 2 entered the top three most played games on Twitch

Dota 2 entered the top three most played games on Twitch

Dota 2 became the third most popular Twitch game in August. According to The Esports Observer, viewers spent 65.8 million hours broadcasting in this discipline. The leaders of the game ranking are League of Legends and Fortnite.

Mid – This is the center line. it is very important and usually only one player goes to it. Kerry is strong at the end of the game, they need a lot of artifacts, gold, a high level. In the late game, they are the backbone of the team. However, at the beginning of the game they are weak and just to kill them, such heroes need to be protected. A disabler can disable one or more opponents for a few seconds. This is a very important class of heroes, since a target can be quickly killed if it cannot move and attack.

Support is protected by the Allied Kerry until they farm the necessary artifacts and gain a high level. Nannies can heal or buff buffs on allies, increasing their effectiveness or survivability in battle. Besides the fact that they must heal and help Kerry in every way, they must also light up the map, put their eyes (wards), so that they would not suddenly attack.


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