Boo! K: ​​Resolut1on is the highest level player

Boo! K: ​​Resolut1on is the highest level player

Anatoly Boo! K Ivanov, a coach of’s Dota 2 roster, said during an interview with cyber.sports that the team plans to return to an aggressive style of play, and also shared his opinion about the rumors surrounding Resolut1on.

Before you go into battle, you need to choose a hero from 111 characters. By the way, there will soon be the 112th hero. The selection is impressive! Over time, you will learn to make the right choice based on who will oppose you. Each character has at least 4 abilities, with the ability to enhance each of them. And the higher the level of ability or spell, the greater the effect it gives. We will tell you more about the characters and their skills in our next articles – it will be interesting!

In the battle, your hero will receive experience points for which you can learn new skills and spells. And after the end of the game, all the experience is reset, and the next time you have to start “pumping” the hero anew. This is a key feature of Dota, thanks to which each battle is unique.


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