Autumn update Dota Plus

Autumn update Dota Plus

Valve released an update for its Dota Plus service last night. The content of the update was reported in the news feed of the game. Users who sign up for a paid service will get some features that were previously only available to Battle Pass customers on The .

Reach the line to the enemy Throne and kill him besides creeps? Four rows of towers / towers interfere. Each next row is slightly stronger than the previous one. You can attack the next tower on the line only by tearing down the previous one. Each row is numbered, and commentators and players call the Tier ranks. – Tier 1, the weakest towers, are located closest to the center, at the ends of the lines. – Tier 2, much stronger and stronger than Tier 1, located in the middle of each line / – Tier 3, stronger than Tier 2, located on 3 elevations (ramps, HG, high ground; ramps, HG, high ground) of each base. – Tier 4, have even greater protection than the previous ones and are located directly in front of the Throne.

At each base there are special barracks buildings, two on each of the lines / sides. Destroying an enemy hut enhances allied creeps to super creeps. Destroying all six enemy barracks turns super creeps into mega creeps. Mega and super creeps are more powerful than usual, and the team that destroyed the barracks significantly increases their chances of winning.


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