ALOHADANCE team accused of arranging a match

ALOHADANCE team accused of arranging a match

Alexander DkPhobos Kucherya suggested that the match between REDCODE and UNITED, held as part of the WePlay Championship! Reshuffle Madness 2019 by Dota 2 was a shell. According to the analyst, Vladislav iMBa Khoroltsev intentionally gave an advantage to his rivals.

At this stage, we abstract from the variety of heroes, their characteristics, appearance and other related features. And let’s talk about what unites them. Each of the characters has a number of abilities that somehow embody the game mechanics. Most of the abilities are created by a combination of these mechanics. The list of all basic mechanics is too extensive, so within the framework of this article we will give a short list of visuals demonstrating what one hero can do to another hero or unit:

To damage. By hit (auto attack / with hand) or ability. Damage can be of three types: physical, magical, pure. Immobilize. Zadeizable. There are three options for effects: Stun, Root, Hex. Stun immobilizes the target completely banning all actions. Root only immobilizes the target, forbidding it only the ability to instantly move like Blink / Blink / Blink / Blink. But a hero caught in the action of Root can still cast spells, apply abilities and objects.


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