All DOTA Summit 11 members announced

All DOTA Summit 11 members announced

The regional qualifiers for DOTA Summit 11 came to an end, which means that the names of all the teams that will play on the first minor of the DPC 2019-2020 season became known. In total, eight teams will perform at the tournament: the CIS and Europe will have .

At the beginning of the game, the main clashes between creeps and heroes occur on the river, and only then the fighting moves closer to the bases. The thrones of the forces of Light and Darkness are strengthened even more, so it is not so easy to break through to them. But you have to destroy them in order to win – in the following articles read about how to do it.

An additional intrigue is introduced by the fog of war, because of which you cannot see what is happening throughout the territory. This fog “disperses” only at a small radius from heroes, allied units, buildings and wards. Dota 2 is not the first game in the MOBA genre – Multiplayer Online Battleground Arena. Literally, this can be translated as “multi-player battle arena.” But what made her so popular among other online games?


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