Void Spirit added to game client

Void Spirit added to game client

The Outlanders update, which was released on November 26, 2019, was added new hero – Void Spirit. The fourth spirit was noted by developers as a melee carry, the main attribute of which is intelligence.

Therefore, there was, by and large, nothing unexpected in the fact that the company finally paid attention to the popular modification for the ancient WarCraft 3 – Defense of the Ancients (Dota). One of the main developers was offered to become part of the Valve team and create the same game, but at a completely different level of quality. And just a few days ago, a game called Dota 2 appeared in the list of fresh Steam releases, after experiencing lengthy closed testing, during which the number of players monthly meeting on the battlefield came close to 4 million.

The essence of the game is quite simple. On a large map, along which three paths are laid, separated by a dense forest, two teams of five people fight. Their goal is Ancient, the central building on the enemy base, located at the opposite end of the map. The winner is the team that first breaks the opponent’s defense, gets to the Ancient and razed him to the ground.


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