The average online Dota 2 fell to 2014

The average online Dota 2 fell to 2014

The average online Dota 2 over the past 30 days amounted to 397 thousand people – this is the lowest result in the last five years. Data provided by the Steam Charts portal.

The first thing I saw in the battle was a map, it is square as a famous painting by Kazimir Malevich. It has 3 lines of attack along which creeps go. Upper call “Top”, middle “Mid”, lower “Bot”. The whole map is divided by the river into 2 parts, in the upper right corner is the side of darkness “Dire”, in the lower right side of the world is “Radiant”. As a rule, experienced players go to the mid, on the appropriate heroes who are able to defend the line well, while getting more experience and gold, since it does not have to be shared with the second hero. This is necessary in order to make early attacks on enemy heroes and help allies, for this you need to be good at playing.

The upper line for the side of darkness is called light, because it is easier to go under the protection of your tower there, and the lower line is accordingly heavy, because there is the only passage to the tower and it is easy to block it. Heroes are distributed along the lines accordingly, those who do not have the ability to quickly move away go easy, and vice versa. For the side of the world, everything is vice versa, easy at the bottom, and difficult at the top.


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