Patch 7.23 did not help stop the fall of online in Dota 2

Patch 7.23 did not help stop the fall of online in Dota 2

Peak online in Dota 2 after the release of patch 7.23 amounted to 701 thousand users. The result, which was recorded on November 30, was worse than at the beginning of the month. On November 9, 708 thousand users played at Valve’s MOBA at the same time .

Valve also tried to create an advanced rating system. For matches, levels are given that are nominally an assessment of the player’s skill. Opponents with whom you deal will be consistent with your performance, which ideally should create a balance. In reality, some people specially create new Steam accounts in order to start writing their statistics from scratch or wait out the low priority received as a result of complaints (yes, the selection of an ideal community is carried out in the form of “reports” that players throw each other on). As a result, newcomers who first entered DotA meet experienced “grandfathers” who are ready to explain who is here without any hint. So the problem of auto balance has not yet been resolved.

Somewhat inappropriate to enjoy and inappropriate behavior of individual gamers, which, incidentally, played a major role in the formation of the special status of the “bunker”. Although, theoretically, fans of filling up a chat with banal vulgarities and rude obscene language should be in low-priority games, where they will deal with their own kind, nevertheless, the level of aggression is off-scale here. However, this is by no means a disadvantage of the game itself. The reasons for this lie, as they say, somewhere in times and mores.


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