Parimatch League. defeated Nemiga Gaming

Parimatch League. defeated Nemiga Gaming’s Dota 2 roster defeats Nemiga Gaming in the online match of the Parimatch League. The meeting ended 2-0 in favor of the “bears”.

Well, there you need to run a hero and kill creeps. The most used phrase for the story of DotA. “Creep” – this is what ordinary units are called in Dota 2, they are mobs, essentially creatures with artificial intelligence. In the first battle, you need to look around well before picking a hero. There are those on which you need to play many times to learn how to fully use them. “Peak” – this means the choice of a hero or the composition of the heroes in the team.

The curtain of secrecy of Dot will not be ajar if you say that this is a game of the MOBA genre. Need to explain more specifically. In the game you need to control the hero, he is selected before the match. There are more than a hundred heroes in total, they are sometimes added, so you can’t say the exact number, otherwise this material will soon become irrelevant. In different game modes, the order of choice of heroes is different, for example, in a regular game everyone can choose at the same time, and in a rating match, teams are selected in turn. In total, 10 people can play on one card, 5 for each side.


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