OG will continue to perform in the same lineup

OG will continue to perform in the same lineup

OG Meader Topias Topson Taavitsainen posted a collage in Intagram with all the team players, while indicating their positions and heroes. In the post description, he wrote “Our Dota 2 roster.”

As mentioned above, the towers are on the lines, starting from the center of the map are T1, T2, T3, T4 behind them is the Tron, each of them is stronger than the previous one. Until the first tower is demolished, the second is inaccessible and so on. After the T3 tower, there are 2 melee and ranged barracks. If they carry the creeps will be stronger. For example, if the forces of darkness demolish the barracks on the side of the world, then the dark creeps will be stronger than the light ones and the line will constantly choke on the side of the light. Accordingly, melee barracks make melee super-creeps and the same with ranged ones. All towers have the ability to see invisible units.

In addition, there is also a plentiful territory with a forest on each half of the map, neutral creeps huddle there. You can also notice a small cave on the side of darkness, there is Roshan, the main creep, if you kill him, a valuable artifact will fall out, and the team that killed him will gain experience and money. It intensifies over time, some heroes cannot kill him even at the end of the game.


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