March: Korean Dota Scene is Dead

March: Korean Dota Scene is Dead

The captain of the TNC Predator for Dota 2 in an interview with told about the situation on the pro-scene of his home country, and also recalled the final of ESL One Hamburg, where his team fought with Gambit. Moreover.

Even after several hundred matches, Dota 2 continues to periodically throw up surprises for the player. This is a game that doesn’t take tens, but hundreds of hours. For example, even in World of Warcraft, I didn’t kill as much time as it took me on Dota 2. My Steam account says that I spent more than 700 hours in the game and I’m not going to stop. In addition, I watch recordings of professional championships – really interesting and spectacular. In general, Dota 2 is one of the best ways in one fell swoop to lose all your free time for many years and, without exaggeration, one of the greatest games in the history of the industry.

This game has a very unusual gameplay, even for an experienced gamer it is difficult to explain which genre DotA has 2. Wikipedia says that this is a MOBA game, it translates as a multiplayer arena for battles. A very broad term, the impression is that when they came up with it, they looked at this game from a bird’s eye view. With these words, you can describe any multiplayer game with elements of military confrontation.


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