HR beat in qualifiers for MDL Chengdu Major

HR beat in qualifiers for MDL Chengdu Major

Dota 2 HellRaisers beat in the Group A Closed Qualifiers match at Chengdu Major MDL. The meeting was held in the best-of-2 format.

The already early DotA: AllStars stood out against other similar cards with crazy hero abilities. You could choose a teleporting or invisible character, create an army of your copies or attack the enemy on the other end of the map. There were almost immortal heroes and heroes of suicide, masters of blitzkrieg and specialists in attacking large clusters of enemies. Even in single-player strategies you will not see so many cheating tricks, because no developer will dare to tackle their balance. And in eSports this cannot be by definition. It really seemed like a while. But when Steve Fick quit DotA and took up the full realization of his ideas in an independent game (which we know today as League of Legends), the map fell into the hands of IceFrog, and through his efforts the word “impossible” disappeared from the Dota vocabulary.

At first, IceFrog was called a maniac, sadist, and other similar epithets. It was he who came up with to calculate the duration of the effects up to a tenth, or even to a hundredth of a second. It was he who put a bold cross on one-button heroes and invented Invoker, for the ease of management called the Pianist. IceFrog opened up more and more new features of the WarCraft 3 engine, until only the graphics remained from the latter. And then it’s time to think about an independent game.


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