Dota 2 January 16 Update: Changed MMR System and Match Search

Dota 2 January 16 Update: Changed MMR System and Match Search

Vavle finally heard constructive criticism of the players and took the first step towards them in 2020. The Dota 2 update affects the amount of MMR received, depending on whether you play alone or in a group – single matches .

First of all, try to use the preliminary review that opens when you click on the ward in order to understand what kind of benefit it will ultimately be. This feature has become a kind of guide to the placement of wards from Valve, as it shows the real benefits of each point. In addition to this, approximately understand exactly what your team wants and how it will act. For example, if your carry is mainly farming, then you should put wards at the entrance to your forest so that he knows about attempts to kill him, but if you are going to crush the enemy, on the contrary, it will be useful to use Smoke of Deceit and provide yourself with an overview on the enemy half of the card.

Constantly check objects of opponents. Not all readers of our guides for Dota 2 know that almost always a game turns over after buying certain items, when the balance of power significantly outweighs one of the sides. For example, if Luna buys Butterfly, she becomes much stronger than other carry with physical damage, and in combination with Black King Bar she can easily win any fight, but when opponents get Monkey King Bar, the balance of forces will again become more equal. Therefore, if you want to attack, be sure to first check the objects of the enemy and make sure that your idea of ​​his strength is correct. In particular, you can familiarize yourself with our guides on the various heroes of Dota to approximately evaluate their strength at one time or another.


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