Dota 2 has limited the selection of players by rating at high ranks

Dota 2 has limited the selection of players by rating at high ranks

Valve has updated the algorithm for selecting teammates and opponents in matchmaking at high ranks in Dota 2. Now Immortal level players will battle with users whose rating is not lower than Divine.

Work on the balance of heroes is almost invisible. Of course, with any character growing from where you need hands, you can resist any character, but if the authors consider the balance to be complete, why are all the items of the heroic menu still not allowed to battle in Captains Mode? Speaking of game modes. It’s hard to believe, but there are newcomers to DotA, and Limited Heroes is presented to their attention – a mode in which players will be given moronic characters. Training with bots is also included, but if you have never been in the world of DotA, you are welcome to the training mode – in several simple missions you will be devoted to all the main aspects of the game. The murder of the evil usurper Razor, the study of procurement in the role of the Sniper, and forward to the battlefield – to get acquainted with what cancer, mead, push and gang are.

A special mention is deserved by the national community, which will not change, even if the game is released three times. To say that it is disgusting is to say nothing. Here, thanks to the innate domestic philanthropy and the average age of the player, which fluctuates around the third grade of the secondary school. Angry fighters in all details will devote you to the details of your mother’s personal life with still fragile young voices, but very strengthened with red words, even if they themselves are engaged in pumping enemy heroes at the cost of their own lives. Sel la vi: our editorial staff has visited many online game worlds, and in many the Russian community is behaving very badly. Playing exclusively with friends, playing on Western servers, playing with sound and chat turned off are solutions that cover the lion’s share of the collective potential of DOTA 2. But the game is practically based on it.


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