Dota 2 fixed bug with Ogre Magi and Monkey King

Dota 2 fixed bug with Ogre Magi and Monkey King

Dota 2 developers fixed bugs with Ogre Magi and Monkey King abilities. Errors in the game arose after updating Dota Plus.

In order to demolish the enemy base, players are given a choice of one hundred and thirteen heroes with different types of abilities and characteristics. Do I need to know all the heroes? If you play, then yes. If you are going to watch, then you need to understand only the principles of work of these heroes. These principles will be outlined below. Now let’s summarize and summarize the main task and essence of the game.

The main goal in Dota is to destroy enemy towers, destroy enemy barracks, break into the enemy base and destroy the main building – the Throne. It’s that simple. Heroes are just a means to an end. Based on the understandable and fairly simple goal of the game, three main strategies can be distinguished. Push (Push) – emphasis on the characters of well-beating buildings in the early stages, or capable of the so-called split push.


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