Dota 2 begins a new rating season

Dota 2 begins a new rating season

On the night of September 20, a new rating season began in Dota 2. With its start, the players have zero ranks. To calibrate, users need to play ten matches.

Support helped Allies gain more gold and experience. Heroes with this trait have abilities that are usually useful at all stages of the game and do not require additional items to maximize the potential. Such heroes are practically independent of objects, so part of the gold is spent on consumable items: Smoke of Deceit, Courier, Observer Ward, Sentry Ward and others. Heroes with this trait are usually assigned the task of protecting their Kerry (Core) heroes at the initial stage of the game, when they are not particularly strong. And help with your abilities throughout the rest of the game.

Durable able to absorb a lot of damage from an enemy team. Such heroes have a lot of health and protection, or abilities that allow them to survive in fights and absorb. Their main task is to terrify the enemy and provoke them to be beaten. Nuke, Nuker, Burst having strong abilities with a relatively short cooldown or very strong instant damage. Such heroes mostly rely on the strength of their spells than on the strength of ordinary attacks.


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